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Photo by Linda Hannum (c)

Can you feel your heart beat,
and the earth beneath your feet?
Can you sense life pulsing
and coursing within you?
Can you feel it feed and fuel you?
Are you open to receive
all it seeks to give you?

Can you tell what’s enlivening
and what’s deadening,
and where your life force
is seeking to take you?
And can you feel the impact
of everything you do,
on the web of life around you?


If we knew for certain that the fate of oceans and trees, tigers and bees, and the future of the human family, depended on our willingness to turn our attention inward, tune into our bodies, and develop our capacity to feel through the layers of numbness and closure that trap our vital energy, freeze our receptivity, and disconnect us from life within and around us, would we make it a priority?

When I pay attention to the texture and movement of sensations in my body, I start to feel life moving through me more freely, and I experience greater levels of energy. So, I’m learning to befriend life, and drink from the vast ocean of energy that is available when I open to receive it. I simply tune in, and stay connected to my inner body, and physical sensations throughout the day, feeling what come to awareness as I talk, listen, walk, work, connect, and play.  Integrating inner and outer awareness, and cultivating energetic receptiveness, are two of several skills I am developing on this journey to embodying more energy, and connecting more deeply with self, others and the larger community of life.  This site is where I share my practice, musings and explorations.