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When I turn my gaze inward and pay attention to whatever comes to awareness, I often see visuals form in my mind, sometimes accompanied by inner knowings, always accompanied by different sensations in my body, which often shift as I stay present and watch the visual unfold.  These ‘inner” visuals arise in relationship to whatever is seeking my attention, a challenge, a friend, a situation, a possibility.  They are different from what happens when I intentionally use my imagination to picture possibilities or scenarios that I’d like to see happen.  Visuals have a life of their own.  They just come to me in their own timing, when I am receptive and open to them.  I have been learning to let them unfold without trying to control or direct them.

I do not take them literally, but they have an uncanny capacity to help shift constricted energy, and open up new possibilities   Here are a few that have had a strong impact on me.   I invite you to simply feel them in your body rather than try to make sense of them with your mind.  They are not meant to be understood conceptually or analyzed, but experienced:

I simply focus on whatever situation or person comes to mind (without needing to know why), and just pay attention with relaxed awareness, opening to any image that may form in your mind, and feeling that in my body. It can stay as an image or unfold into a movie.  I let myself feel whatever happens, including “nothing,” making sure to stay connected with my sensations so that I do not disconnect from life force.  The value of visuals is that they trump my “trying to figure things out” conditioning, and invite me to connect with my direct experience.