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My PictureLike many other Westerners, I was taught early on to think rather than feel. I grew up in France in a world which encouraged and trained me to rely on my mind and distrust or disregard emotions, sensations, and intuitions. I got used to following ideas — mine and others — of what seemed useful, helpful, or impressive, rather than pay attention to my body’s clues about what enlivened or deadened my energy.  I studied philosophy, law, economics, and world politics, but never learned to notice what was happening in my body, and therefore did not know how to feel the impact of my activities on vital energy within and around me.  I lived for years in a state of increasing disconnectedness from life force, successful by external standards, but regularly depressed, anxious and confused about the point of it all.

Several unexpected experiences I had while doing doctoral research in the Middle East encouraged me to listen to the whispers in my heart telling me to get out of the ivory tower, and start following life.  I was 30 year old when I left academia and embarked on a grand adventure which involved learning to re-inhabit my own body, free the frozen energy trapped inside me, and discover what makes me come alive. Yoga, dance, mystical poetry, shaking, meditation, and several great mentors played a key role in teaching me how to pay attention to my body sensations, feel life force, learn to receive more of it, and allow energetic promptings and inner knowings to guide my journey from medication to meditation. Following life led me to discover and follow my passions, which include writing and reciting poetry, interviewing and connecting pioneers and visionaries, and encouraging grassroots philanthropy.  In whatever I do, I am moved by the inner pull to explore how life wants to move through me, and through each and all of us, beyond our inherited or conditioned ideas of what to want or who to be.  And I love to support others around me to learn how to free, build, and befriend their vital energy.

I have written more at length about my journey, what I love, and what I do, on my other websites (Sparks of LifeLearning to Linger, and Aya’s Rivers).