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Don’t rush into this day.
Let it reveal to you what it wants to give you.
Come, sit here a while, close your eyes.
Feel your life force pulsing inside.

feeling one’s way forward

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in conversations | 1 comment

Many of us wrestle with discerning best next steps.  This dialogue below with my friend and meditation mentor Dan Emmons explores the difference between mentally trying to figure out what to do, and building the capacity to feel one’s way forward.  It is based on an informal Skype conversation I had with him in 2011.  I reconstructed his answers based on notes I jotted down during our call, as well as what I have learned from my conversations and meditations with him over the years.  I’m posting this edited version of our...

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embodied talk

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in notes and essays

When I was first invited to narrate out loud what came to awareness when directing my attention inward, I initially felt a lot of resistance about doing that.   How could I possibly talk without undermining my capacity to “stay listening within” and feel and perceive the kind of subtler sensations I was able to experiencing when I went quiet?  I was sure that talking would keep me in the mental activity of “outputting” words, rather than allowing me to drop into a more receptive mode, just sensing and feeling energy and...

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don’t rush into this day

Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in poems

Friend, Don’t rush into this day. Let it reveal to you what it wants to give you. Come, sit here a while, Close your eyes. Feel your life force pulsing inside. Feel the beat of your heart as your loyal compass. Feel the earth beneath you, longing to support you. Drink each breath coming in as the wind filling your wings. And, then, open your eyes, and feel the vastness of the sky inviting you in. Tesa More poems on Learning to Linger and my Soundcloud...

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practicing solo

Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in practices & explorations

Practicing whole body awareness and receptiveness with one, two or three other friends was for a long time my favorite way of developing body literacy skills and energetic strength, but I eventually discovered that my relationship with life is like any other intimate relationships: it really requires one-on-one time!  And the more I make time for it, the deeper and sweeter it becomes.  Here are a few things I learned over the years about what worked for me: I found it helpful to earmark certain times for ‘tuning in’ but I was never...

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a new life

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in poems

You want to build a new life, or a new world? Then build your capacity to pay attention to your life force and sensations. Self-awareness is what frees and builds our energy And how much energetic strength and freedom we embody, is what determines our circumstances and reality. If we practice tracking our sensations with focused attention, we’ll get stronger and freer, and our circumstances will slowly but surely shift for the better. Bali, January 15, 2012 Inspired by Dan Emmons & Sandy Misage

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tuning in

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in poems

First, I direct my attention within, to my own being. Like a sailor scanning the horizon for anything worth noting, I turn my gaze inward and look around for any feeling or sensation that might be seeking my attention. I am not on a mission to find anything. I’m just looking. If nothing comes to awareness right away, I just take a breath. But it rarely takes long before something draws my attention: a feeling of fullness in the belly, general tiredness, the steady beat of my heart, the tidal rhythm of my breath, a sense of tightness or...

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not my body?

Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in musings, poems

Would you please stop trying to convince me that I am not my body! Your invitation “to detach” is driving me crazy. If you enjoy hanging out in the stratosphere of pure awareness, suit yourself. But I’d rather connect more deeply with life on earth. The oceans and trees are begging me to unlearn centuries of duality rooted in mental supremacy, and this rotten idea that my body is untrustworthy. Detach from my body? Sorry, that’s not for me. I’m too busy uniting all parts of me, feeling and deepening my budding...

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tuesday night at city hall

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in visuals

This visual came to me during a morning shaking meditation while I was in Haad Tien, Thailand, in January of 2011. I am walking into Gloucester’s City Hall with a dozen other friends with whom I meditate regularly.  It’s a Tuesday night and the City Council is gathered for its weekly meeting.   The conversation is focused on the city’s budget, and everyone is very tense.  My friends and I dispatch to different parts of the main room. Some of us go to the mezzanine, upstairs.  We sit down quietly and start paying attention to what is...

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the song of creation

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in visuals

The following visual unfolded in a meditation.  A friend of mine who is a singer was celebrating her birthday and asked me if I could meditate on how she could be of greatest service at this time in her life.  I do not take visuals literally.  I just feel and receive whatever arises (emotionally, mentally, energetically) within me as the visual unfolds. She is sitting alone in the dark, meditating.   I can hardly see her but I can hear her sing a deep and low sound in a repetitive way.   The sound has a strong rhythm to it, and it...

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the jazz ensemble of life

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in visuals

This visual came in a meditation I had after reading a friend’s reflections about patterns and music.   Below is what came to me while meditating, as I related to him later on.   His response is further below. You are lying on your back, in the grass.  All the colors are much brighter than in regular life, as in a cartoon.  The grass is super green and the sky super blue, and the sun’s light is really bright and radiating everywhere.   You are feeling the earth beneath you, enjoying the breeze on your skin, sensing and hearing the...

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