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not my body?


Would you please
stop trying to convince me
that I am not my body!

Your invitation “to detach”
is driving me crazy.

If you enjoy hanging out
in the stratosphere
of pure awareness,
suit yourself.

But I’d rather connect
more deeply
with life on earth.

The oceans and trees are begging me
to unlearn centuries of duality
rooted in mental supremacy,
and this rotten idea that my body
is untrustworthy.

Detach from my body?
Sorry, that’s not for me.
I’m too busy uniting all parts of me,
feeling and deepening
my budding connection to all of life,
after centuries of insanity.

Take a look at our world
and see for yourself what happens
when we lose our ability to feel
the impact of our ideas and strategies
on ourselves and other species.
Our disconnected minds have run our bodies
and our planet into the ground.

How will we navigate our way out of this mess
without some bodily awareness?
We can’t tell what’s life-giving or deadening
if we distrust our feelings,
and can’t feel whether what we are doing
is contracting or expanding our energy.

I don’t want to detach from anything.
I’d rather connect with everything.
I’m nudging my mind to notice all I am feeling,
inviting my body to feel all I am thinking.
Bringing mind and body together,
feels like the long lost key to unity.

So, before you lecture me again
with your lofty ideas,
please read the sign on my door.

It says:

Do not disturb!

My mind and my body
are getting to know each other

~ Bali, July 2011