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the song of creation


The following visual unfolded in a meditation.  A friend of mine who is a singer was celebrating her birthday and asked me if I could meditate on how she could be of greatest service at this time in her life.  I do not take visuals literally.  I just feel and receive whatever arises (emotionally, mentally, energetically) within me as the visual unfolds.

She is sitting alone in the dark, meditating.   I can hardly see her but I can hear her sing a deep and low sound in a repetitive way.   The sound has a strong rhythm to it, and it possibly isn’t a single note, perhaps two or three, but it is very simple and ‘snake like’, rather than melodic, more like some kind of invocation a shaman might sing while stirring the alchemical cauldron.  It reminds me of some native american chants.   She is totally absorbed in the singing of that sound-song, almost in a trance.  I can feel her awareness deeply drawn within, all the way to the heart of her very being, in that place where all hearts connect.  The sound seems to originate from that point.   She is listening it into existence, more than ‘producing it.’   Her face looks very intense.  This sentence from one of the Radiance Sutras comes to my awareness:

“The ear that is prone to rapt listening, learns to hear the song of creation, first like a hand bell, then subtler like a flute, then subtler still as a string instrument, eventually as the buzz of a bee.  Entering this current of sound, the listening one forgets about the external world and becomes absorbed in internal sound and then absorbed in vastness, like the song of the stars as they shine.”

Out of the darkness a small circle of light appears around her body, first faint, and then increasingly brighter, and wider, like the rings around Saturn.   It seems that the ring is growing with and through sound.   As she keeps on listening and voicing more of the darkness into light, I have this sudden knowing that the darkness she is bathing in is the cosmic womb, not a dark or night-time location somewhere on earth.   I am wondering about the circle that is growing around her, and as I rest my awareness there.  The image of a single ‘cell’ comes to mind, and the word ‘creation.’  I immediately start seeing-sensing that the cells of her body are in internal resonance with the circle that is expanding around her, as if that outer process is actually growing in parallel with something that is happening within every cell of her being.

Now I see a few others join her.  I cannot not see their faces, just hear their voice which they are adding to hers.  I hear them sounding synergistic sounds, and watch the circle of light around her start growing more textured… and now growing exponentially, with the rings rippling far out in all directions.   And I hear this sentence “when two or more are gathered” and these words:

We do not to need to gather many.
Two or three are plenty.
Everything else grows organically.

This friend recently asked how she can of greatest service at this time.    Watching her now, it seems that that she does not need to “make anything happen,” other than notice, receive, voice and feel the song of creation come into existence.   This seems to be her gift: hearing, feeling and sounding what is wanting to come in, alone and with a few others, and then watch how everything grows and spreads exponentially, without efforting.

And then I hear the beginning lines of this poem by Hafiz:

“Sound will some day split you open
Even if your life is now a cage
For a divine seed, the crown of destiny
Is hidden and sown on an ancient fertile plain
You hold the title to.”

The original poem, by Ladinsky, says “Light” (not sound) “will some day split you open,” but I hear the word “sound” instead,  and all of a sudden, it feels as if light and sound are actually the same thing.